Little Andy

When one of the quail hatched it was born with a few deformities. It was born with scissor beak and only one eye. We had decided sense it wasn’t showing any sign of pain and it was eating and drinking we would see how things went. With taking on this little handicapped pet we picked the name Andy (still don’t know the sex of any of the quail for a few more weeks). Checking little Andy today we noticed that it’s scissor beak is looking much better. I even got good photo of little Andy!

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2 thoughts on “Little Andy”

    1. Scissor beak is where the top and bottom beak do not line up. It looks like when you open scissors. The condition can be severe on some birds making it very hard for them to eat sometimes it can get corrected and get better over time most of the time the bird will be handicapped and it will need special care for the food they can also be bullied by the other birds in the flock because they are considered the weak link


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