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The other day I was talking with a friend on what to do with milk gallons. There are many ideas out there but I wanted to use ours for gardening. My friend sent me a link for a video that uses milk gallon jugs for winter sowing. ( I’ll provide that link at the bottom) how he was using the jugs gave me a wonderful idea.

I would use them the way he was but a bit different. See my cats have were using my pots like they were a port of potty at a concert. I finally got them stop doing that by putting pine cones in the pots, but then my wonderful homesteading helpers started to pull out my plants and the seeds.

In the video you will see that he puts his outside for the winter sowing. For mine they will be kept indoors so I can continue to try to get my growing going year round.

You will need, milk gallon jugs, duct tape, knife, dirt, and your seeds.

I’m looking forward to this working and getting more planting done using this. Here the link for the video talking more about winter sowing. That is done differently than what I’m doing. For cold germination if needed I use the refrigerator. Most of the time I’ve had good luck not having to worry about doing that. way.

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