When your friends know you’re crazy, but help you anyway, because they love you.

The other day I entered into a photo contest for one of my chickens… that’s right I said chicken … not kid!  LOL   I started out the day by asking everyone who I knew to vote for the chicken photo I had submitted of my Ayam Cemani hen.  I was very proud of the picture I took.   As the day went on I found myself in between running errands, making meals, getting our school room ready and  checking the votes… I was so happy that for the first part I was in the lead!

Then after nap time I lost the lead… this is where the name crazy chicken lady comes into play.  I texted my friends  asking them to please ask THEIR friends to vote.  They already know my passion for my chickens. You know what, I have some pretty amazing friends in my life. They went and asked their friends for me. I was truly moved by them helping me.    I didn’t win , I lost by 15 votes but I did come in second place!!!!  I won  a painting that is going to made from the photo I had submitted.   I would like to thank my friends who know I’m crazy about my chickens, get texts with photos of my chickens, and still love me for me.  Hugs to each and everyone of you.


Stink eye

Cleaning out the quail this evening and I noticed their water dish was leaking 😣. So the kids and I got them a new little bowl. At first they were scared of it😂. Ducking their heads and pecking at the side of the new bowl. When we continued to clean them out I Was holding this little one when I went to take a photo of it and I noticed it was giving me the stink eye!😂🤣😂🤣

#quail #stinkeye #lovetheselittleones #pleasesharemyblog #thanksforreading


These little guys were born over mother’s day weekend!

They are very small and very fast. I always knew quail were fast but when you actually see it, it’s like holly hell I have acquired the road runner! ( coturnix quail ) #quailsuperfastlittlangels #sosmall #weekoldeattingalotwonderwhereitgoesjustlikethekids #pleasesharemyblog #thanksforreading

Rainy days

The last few days where I live have been nothing but rain! So no yard work for me but I did get some seeds planted and put in the green house. I started some spinach seeds I also picked an artichoke plant. I’ve never done one of those it will be interesting to see how it goes! If anyone has any tips for it I love her hear some. 🖤🖤 #rainisgood #rainmakestheprojectslastlonger #lazyrainydaysaregoodteadays #needthewatersoinawayitworksout #idonthavetowaterthefrontlawnthankstotherainyay


I’m sad to say that on Monday our sweet rwby(bunny) was found not alive. She was fine over the weekend she didn’t get into anything she was doing everything normal, to find her that way was very heartbreaking.. It’s never easy with death weather it is a person or an animal. This is the last photo we took of her. She will be missed greatly ! #restinpeace #missyourwby


A while back I bought some rose seeds off the internet. I honestly didn’t have my hopes up about them growing. While walking around my yard checking and watering things. I looked over to see a small rose bush!

I also planted lilies in this pot I wanted to make sure something would grow🤣. Now to wait and see if the roses will be the color that the seller said they would be. #excitedtoseewhathappens #badreviewdontmeanbaditeam #hopethecoloriscorrect #pleasesharemyblog


My wonderful husband helped me get some more seeds started this evening. It was nice to have my husband help me with the planting. I’m hoping we have a good turn out this year. We Planted … peas, pumpkins ( orange and white), green beans, corn(black), watermelon, cantaloupe, broccoli, cauliflower, more carrots, mint, parsley, green bell peppers, red bell peppers, purple bell peppers ( can’t wait for those one) tomoates, lettuce, and cucumbers. #lovegardening #cantwaitforittogrow #thanksforreading #pleasesharemyblog


Someone asked to see some photos of my nesting box area.

This is the front view from the side door it’s the main one I use to clean them out. I always make sure they have plenty of bedding (pine) in there.

Here are the nesting boxes. I have one small one and one large one but the large one can be made into two boxes. They all like the one big one in the corner. I just took the wood out that was making it into two boxes. #bignestingboxisalwayswantedbyeveryone #chickensaresilly #crazychickenlady