When your friends know you’re crazy, but help you anyway, because they love you.

The other day I entered into a photo contest for one of my chickens… that’s right I said chicken … not kid!  LOL   I started out the day by asking everyone who I knew to vote for the chicken photo I had submitted of my Ayam Cemani hen.  I was very proud of the picture I took.   As the day went on I found myself in between running errands, making meals, getting our school room ready and  checking the votes… I was so happy that for the first part I was in the lead!

Then after nap time I lost the lead… this is where the name crazy chicken lady comes into play.  I texted my friends  asking them to please ask THEIR friends to vote.  They already know my passion for my chickens. You know what, I have some pretty amazing friends in my life. They went and asked their friends for me. I was truly moved by them helping me.    I didn’t win , I lost by 15 votes but I did come in second place!!!!  I won  a painting that is going to made from the photo I had submitted.   I would like to thank my friends who know I’m crazy about my chickens, get texts with photos of my chickens, and still love me for me.  Hugs to each and everyone of you.



Finally Friday! A three day weekend also.. yay! After a long week I’m looking forward to this three day weekend. Tomorrow I’m hosting a moms night out. It will be nice to see some of the good friends I have made. I also plan on getting some more yard work done. Not looking forward to moving more of those large rocks but it’s got to get done.


Where I live we got a light dusting of snow! I decided to let one of my girls ( chickens) out to see what they would like it or not. Bella at first walked on the parts where there wasn’t any snow. 🤣 She quickly got over the light dusting of snow and went for some grass!

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The big game

The big game! The day where fans get together to show off their wonderful spreads of food, watch football, and to bet. I do like football but sadly I haven’t watched it that much this year. We will be watching the The big game at home. For my family I will be making little Smokies, nachos, and cookies. What are you making for The big game? I would love to have some recipes put in the comments! #thebiggame #lovefood #besafeeveryone #cooking ( even if you don’t watch football I would love for you to share your recipes also)

Nice weather!

When the weather is nice no one wants to be indoors! I have to admit I don’t want be in doors on a day like today either. Our high is 62, there is no wind, and there is a nice Blue sky! It’s odd weather for us this time of year. Normally at this time of year it’s cold, very windy, and sometimes snow down in the valley. So when the weather is at its finest for the start of February we had to take advantage of it! We went out on our school lunch break, the kids played, the girls (chickens) ran around in their run, and I found most of the parts for the green house. However the plastic looks like Freddy Krueger got a hold of it😂😂. #greenhouse #niceweatherforthisweek