When your friends know you’re crazy, but help you anyway, because they love you.

The other day I entered into a photo contest for one of my chickens… that’s right I said chicken … not kid!  LOL   I started out the day by asking everyone who I knew to vote for the chicken photo I had submitted of my Ayam Cemani hen.  I was very proud of the picture I took.   As the day went on I found myself in between running errands, making meals, getting our school room ready and  checking the votes… I was so happy that for the first part I was in the lead!

Then after nap time I lost the lead… this is where the name crazy chicken lady comes into play.  I texted my friends  asking them to please ask THEIR friends to vote.  They already know my passion for my chickens. You know what, I have some pretty amazing friends in my life. They went and asked their friends for me. I was truly moved by them helping me.    I didn’t win , I lost by 15 votes but I did come in second place!!!!  I won  a painting that is going to made from the photo I had submitted.   I would like to thank my friends who know I’m crazy about my chickens, get texts with photos of my chickens, and still love me for me.  Hugs to each and everyone of you.


Birds & toddlers

Are birds and toddlers alike? In a way they are. Birds run around sometimes making you wonder if they are smart or not. Toddlers run around also making you question their smarts. Both can be picky.. I know my girls (chickens) don’t care for carrots.. I give it to them and they look at me as if I’m the one who has lost my mind. Toddlers ( or any age of child ) do the same thing. Just like birds my toddler likes to hide things. . Everyday is hide and seek for something. With my quail it’s hide and seek for the eggs.

Today they decided to lay their eggs in a pile so not much hunting going on. The kids think it’s funny! However they do not think it’s funny when I ask them help me find the sippy cup! #quails #chickens #pleasefollow #toddlersandbirdsaresomwtimesalike #howmanymorewayscanwefindthatareslimer #hideandseek #pleaseshare #thanksforreading

Gross & cool

If you have a problem with ear wigs eating your plants you are not alone! I’ve tired a few things over the past few years to get rid of them some things worked … like the tune fish \cat food can ideas.. but this time I found a new idea and the best part was I already had everything!

All you need is a pint & half mason jar, vegetable oil, and soy sauce.

Fill the mason jar almost to the half way point with your vegetable oil.

Next add your soy sauce I added about 7 to 10 drops.

Then plant level with the ground.. and then you have to wait… sadly this is not something that is going to work over night! It does work though!

Cool & gross, this is about a week later! Warning it gonna smell! So breath through your mouth!! I honestly didn’t think it was going to smell so bad.. and I’ve changed some pretty rank diapers in my day but this made me gag a little. Next dump out (I rise out the jar )and then refill it put the jar back and catch more. I really wish I could remember where I saw this at so I could give credit where credit is due! #smellsobad #bugs #iwishicouldrememberwhereisawthisat #itdoesworkjusttaketime #someofmykidsthinkitscool #pleasefollow #thanksforreading


This week we got some new grass( variegated sweet flag grass) for the quail pen. I’m happy that they love it!

They love it so much that they are using it for their eggs! #quails #pleasefollow #pleaseshare #backyard #hobby #thisissocute #happy #littleones

Almost like fall

A nice cool day right now where I live kinda feels like a fall day just missing the colors of the leaves. The cool weather is so very nice, after the week or so of having 101 temp( dry heat). The girls (chickens) are enjoying the cool weather right now as well. They are happily eating the kale I gave them

As you can see they are too busy eating to look up for their photos to be taken. #chickens #kale #pleasefollow #yum #coolweather #pleaseshare #thanksforreading

Stimpy (90s kid)

Today the kids and I were going through some oxes that haven’t been gone through in years! You know the kinda of boxes I’m talking about.. you label them as junk when you are trying to move and you just want to be done. You say you will get to them and then as time moves on you move these boxes to the back of the closet and ….forget about them. In one of these forgotten boxes my oldest found my Stimpy doll from when I was a kid. I loved the old Ren & Stimpy when I was younger.

#Memories #ren&stimpy #90s #pleasefollow #stilllooksgood


I’m not the best at those 3d puzzles…. like algebra I just can’t rap my brain around how to do that either ha ha!   However my husband is very good at doing the 3d puzzles. He has put together quite a few for me but this one he did for our four year old who is very much in love with dinosaurs! Our four year old loves them so much he even brushes his toy dinosaurs teeth!  dino.jpgMy four year old wanted to start playing with this as soon as dad was done building it.  I told him it had to stay up that it was just to look at.   Of course like all kids he looked at me like I was insane .. so big brother came up with the idea that dinosaur would stay in the hall way watching over him in the night. Now every night he likes us to tell the dinosaur good night!  #3dpuzzlesarecoolbuticantdothem #fouryearolds #momlife #donttouchthatyouwillbreakit #sorryitsnotatoy #somethingcooltolookat #largefamily #goodthinkingbigbro #thanksforreading #pleaseshare #algebraishardgladmyoldestcandoit #hobby #jurassicworld #anythingtodowithdinosaurs #hadtotellhimtostopbrushinghisdinosaursteeth #thedinosaurhasthecleanestteethintheworld