Around the holidays everyone wants everything to go smoothly.. does it ever? Maybe for some they have family they don’t get along with or they just don’t like the holidays for whatever reason, or maybe for like most money is tight, everyone wants to try and give/ get that perfect gift. For my family its that all five kids and myself have been sick. We are coming up on the two week mark soon for having this horrible cold. If you think kids are whiny when they are not sick well just wait. For the past week you would have thought they were dying. I know people say boys/men are more whiny when they are sick but I got to say my daughter (#3) is the winner for being more whiny than all four of her borthers combined. With that being said it means lots of cuddles, lots of soup, and lots of Sprite Hopefully this cold leaves us before Santa comes! #fivesickkidsandmyselfpleasesendgoodthoughtsandchocolates #pleaseshare #pleasefollow #sick #mjbackyardingwithkids #holidays #christmascolds #santa

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