Hang it up

This poultry drinker is a good idea for those that don’t have much room in their coops! It hangs, so you don’t have to worry about it getting knocked over or dirt being kicked into it by your chickens. The only thing I would recommend and this goes for any container, make sure the lid is on correctly before you lift it up otherwise you give your feet a bath!

Painting & making memories

There is a joy in making something old be new again. That’s what I get from painting! I’ve been working on many rooms in my house, right now I’m working on my kids bathroom. I did something I normally don’t do.. I let my 6 year old help me paint! She did great, note to self though.. next time have her do the low part of the wall so I don’t get paint dripping on my hair! ( the middle part of the wall is what she did.. didn’t she do great) 


20170530_191734Today was a good day.  Didn’t get much done, but oh well.  More of my wisteria bloomed, it smells so nice! I love watching my kids play, and watching their faces light up when they see a flower bloom. The simple days of the excitement of flowers blooming may not last for ever, they will grow and change just like the seasons do, but I will remember it always.

Can’t wait to try

How’s everyone’s day going?  I hope well.  Today I got the walls ready to be painted in my kids bathroom.  When I was doing the trim my baby sat down against the wet trim and got paint all over his back, leg, and foot. I have no idea how he got it all over by just sitting against the trim.     My friend was telling me about this new Gourmet Goodies she tried, She sent me these photos.  She said her family loved  Mexican meatloaf, she will be sending me some. I can’t wait to try them!   http://Thegourmetcupboard.com/sites/shaunasever8394

Yard work and the things kids say.

Today I gave some treats to my hens ( carrots  frozen in ice cube trays ).  They love them, and is great to help cool them off when it’s hot out.   My kids and I also got some stepping stones to make a path to the pool.  A few more and it should be done.  My 3 year old was disappointed that dinosaurs  will not be coming from the rocks I was moving.  Got to love 3 year olds. 20170706_210955

When your friends know you’re crazy, but help you anyway, because they love you.

The other day I entered into a photo contest for one of my chickens… that’s right I said chicken … not kid! LOL I started out the day by asking everyone who I knew to vote for the chicken photo I had submitted of my Ayam Cemani hen. I was very proud of the picture I took. As the day went on I found myself in between running errands, making meals, getting our school room ready and checking the votes… I was so happy that for the first part I was in the lead!

Then after nap time I lost the lead… this is where the name crazy chicken lady comes into play. I texted my friends asking them to please ask THEIR friends to vote. They already know my passion for my chickens. You know what, I have some pretty amazing friends in my life. They went and asked their friends for me. I was truly moved by them helping me. I didn’t win , I lost by 15 votes but I did come in second place!!!! I won a painting that is going to made from the photo I had submitted. I would like to thank my friends who know I’m crazy about my chickens, get texts with photos of my chickens, and still love me for me. Hugs to each and everyone of you. #hobby #backyarding #friends. you can also follow my page on MeWe

Mjbackyardingwithkids ( Delicious Cluckers Farm)