Fly trap

If you have trouble with flies around your coop, I would recommend getting one of these hanging bags. I had so many flies around my coop. No matter how much I cleaned it out flies would still be everywhere!! There were some big ones too, I think one of them was whispering my name as I swatted it away. Trying different things and nothing really worked, I was at the store and saw one of these bags.. thought why not give it a try. The bag was about five bucks give or take some change. You know what… They work really well for catching the flies! You just follow the directions on the bag, which is just popping open the top and filling it with water to the fill line.. boom done and the bag holds a lot of flies! When you are hanging it up just make sure it’s tie up really good. So even if you don’t have a coop and you just hate flies this is for you also.

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