Back to school!

For many of us school starts just around the corner. School shopping for clothes ( uniforms ) and supplies can be stressful. Normally I love shopping for school supplies , I have no idea why…. it’s normally like Christmas for me. This year I’m just not into shopping for the things we need, we do online schooling with our kids and as I write out 12 weeks of spelling words, organize the books, clean the white boards, sharpen the pencils I think about how I really don’t want school to start. Maybe it’s because we are having to start two weeks early, maybe it’s because of the homework ( I know what you are thinking.. you do school at home, yes but the teachers from our online school give out homework) , maybe I don’t want to start because I’ve enjoyed not having to set the alarm and hear it for five days every week, or maybe it’s because I’ve enjoyed being able to get a lot of my house projects done. So if you are normally like me and love the shopping for school supplies, or if it stresses you out beyond belief, I wish you all a wonderful school year!

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