Wakey wakey

What do I do when the baby only let’s you get an hour of sleep the whole night? Get up and make muffins for the kids! I so wish I could of tried to get a morning nap but school starts at 8am. I got to spend some time with my chickens this morning, my ayam cemani was in the nest boxes. She doesn’t like it when I open the nesting box door to look in. She squawks at me very loudly. Reminds me of when you get Walk in on while going to the bathroom by your kid. Does the kid ever get out? Nope they most likely come in maybe even shut the door behind them then start playing with stuff in the bathroom. So being the “kid “this morning I had to get some cool photos. #lovemychickens. #nosleep

2 thoughts on “Wakey wakey”

  1. She sure is a pretty little gal. I have a few that squawk at me when I open the hutch and they are busy laying. I also have a couple that enjoy it because they get a backrub. I get squawked at when I close the lid to the nest boxes and they want more back rubbing to happen.

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