Day 3

Here we are on day three of potty training. He’s doing well only had 5 oops. With having the week off from school I had it in my head that I was going to get a lot done. There is still a chance that I might like last night in between going back and fourth to the potty I was able to work on one of my paintings. I however wanted to get yard work started but with going to sit on the potty every five to ten minutes moving rocks is out for the next few days. I am so happy that he is finally excited to go on the potty. Being a mom of five I know all the tricks and yes I have even gone down the road of… bribery! We had tried to potty train him back in July. I did all the tricks and yes I Resort to bribery!! He likes peanutbutter cups, so I went to Costco and got that huge box of them. Came home told him he could have them if he just sat on the potty. He said no! Lol there are 36 peanut butter cups in that box. Hell I would sit on the potty for 36 peanutbutter cups… but it just goes to show you that my standards are lower than my three year olds! ( no I wouldn’t of given him all 36 of them it would of last a while it was just to get his attention and excitement for the potty)

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