Girls not happy

Girls ( chickens ) are not happy when their water has froze. I’ve looked into heated bowls just haven’t decided on what one I would like to get for them. This morning they look like they were playing a game of “kick the can” ( it’s an old game from back in the day). Only the can was their water jug. So for right now until I decide which heated water bowl will be best I have two water jugs for them. The frozen one comes in and gets cleaned and thawed out while the one from the house will go out in the morning for them. #chickens #ilovemychickens #coldoutside

4 thoughts on “Girls not happy”

  1. We have used dog water bowls that plug in. You can also use a metal cookie tin, slice a hole in the side, install a lightbulb deal, the lightbulb goes inside, then an extension cord plugs into it on the outside. Set the chicken water fish on top and unless it gets really, really cold the water stays clear of most ice.

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  2. we just got a heated watering can for our chickens! I think they like it better than when I was bringing out boiling water in hopes of staving off the ice for a little longer. but they weren’t so excited about the chicken scarves my daughter knitted them lol

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