Stocking stuffers!

With Christmas being on Monday you would think I would be ready! 🤣🤣 I am for the most part, just need stocking stuffers! The reason why it is taking me so long to get them.. well what do you get a 14 year old for his stocking? Most of the stocking things you find are for little kids or girly stuff. Even though I would care if he wanted to paint his nails. I don’t think he wants glitter nail polish. 🤣🤣 so here is a few ideas I came up with for my 14 year old stocking. 1. Beef jerky, he loves the stuff so why not stuff it into a stocking 2. Gum, he always ask for it chews some of it then forgets about it and it gets hard so why not get the gum. I mean after all don’t want to break tradition of chewing some of it and then wasting the rest right? 3. Socks, those come in handy for many reasons. You can wear them on your feet or your little brother can take them and make puppets out of them. 4. Pokemon cards, he has collected these sense he was little and every Christmas I give him a few packs so why break that tradition! #lovechristmas #lovemybigfamily

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