Hot wheel & the sink

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone Christmas eve and day was good. Our Christmas eve was eventful! Little back story… my one year old has been learning about putting stuff in the sink/ washing hands. Every time he would put something in ( like a cracker or his sippy cup) we would clap. Fast forward to Christmas eve. My daughter and I were baking banana bread. I went to put the eggs shells in the garbage disposal. Turned it on and it made a really odd noise. So I feel around in there and what do I feel….

this Hot wheel truck! The bed of the truck was wedged Under the Blade of the garbage disposal. I cut up my finger pretty good trying to get it out. I called a few people with hopes that they would be able to come out and help. Broom handle didn’t work .. in fact it broke my broom handle. The next person coming over to help brought a crow bar! That did it.. and it only took a few hours. (3 hours of me trying before I called for help) #makesurenothingisinthere #neverdullatmyhouse #myfingerhurts

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