You would think putting thread on a bobbin ( for sewing ) would be easy. Little plastic thing no bigger than a thumb.

First you need to put the tread through one of the holes.. everyone says it doesn’t matter which hole some say just the top hole. Then you hook your bobbin on to your sewing machine and press the foot petal down slowly and it winds up… sounds simple enough right…. well it’s not! If it doesn’t go on evenly well then you’re starting all over! That’s what I’ve had to do it many times over the last few days.

I know it’s hard to see in this photo but up at the top you can see where it didn’t go smoothly.

This one is done nicely, it’s smooth and not loose. It’s also the one that came with the sewing machine. Practice is what I need to do.. lots and lots of practice! #bobbinscanbetricky #whomadethebobbin #whatwereyouthinkingwhenyoumadethebobbin #practice #bobbincansuck

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