Shuts & opens

When one door shuts they say another one opens. I don’t think it’s just one door that opens, what if many doors open up and you just don’t see them or what if you need to look for them. Sometimes waiting to see what you should do can be stressful. Big change is not welcome by many. The last few days I’ve been faced with a big change and I have to keep reminding myself to look for those doors because they are out there. #change #yourcandoit #lookforthoseopendoors.

2 thoughts on “Shuts & opens”

  1. I believe when one door closes another one opens! I believe also that you have to look for what GOD puts in front of you, some days you may not be wanting want he gives you but you need to learn that he makes things happen at the perfect time, Not our perfect time but his perfect time!


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