Tooth paste

I really don’t like Play-Doh .. yes it looks fun. You can make almost anything with it. When it gets smashed in the carpet it loses all fun! It’s like the water boy movie with Adam Sandler where his mother says everything is the devil.. sometimes I wonder if play -doh is the devil jk 🤣. There is something that can be even harder to clean… tooth paste! Tooth paste gets hard as a rock .. how does this happen? You know what I don’t want to know but I do want to know how tooth paste got on my wall?? 🤣🤣. My younger kids each have a tooth paste of different color ( it helps with hey that’s mine fighting ) so when I looked over and saw dark green tooth paste on my leafy green wall I knew it was my four year olds. I called him in to ask, he looked at me with those big eyes of his and held up his dinosaur and said “mommy blue needed her teeth brushed too” 🤣🤣 he’s taking an interest in brushing teeth even the ones that are not his maybe he will be a dentist? 🤣 #toothpasteisreallycement #helpmmommycleanthebathroomwall #evendinosaursneedtheirteethcleaned #pleasesharemyblog #thanksforreading

One thought on “Tooth paste”

  1. Toothpaste & Play-dough 2 of my very unfav. items. The toothpaste we have to have for our beautiful pearly whites. Now the play-dough not so much, it is not aloud in my house anymore since my 5yr old little princess thought the 250.00 living room rug needed some color!! #happyhuntingtoremovetoothpaste

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