It’s getting chilly here where I live. Soon it will be time for a scarfs, coats, gloves..and everything else that you need to keep yourself warm. One of my best friends🖤 gave me a lot of yarn. I’m in love with all the colors she gave me but this brown and blue one I just can’t get over it! It is my absolute favorite out of all the yarn colors. I decided to make a scarf with it.

Now I just have to make sure to work on it along with my other twenty million craft projects I have going on. My other best friend🖤 gave me some fabric! I’m excited to find some matching themes to go with the colors she gave me. Sadly I haven’t gotten to the craft store yet to look at fabric but it’s on my to do list! #hobby #backyarding #crafts #knitting #gettingcoldsoon #wouldratherbecoldthansuperhot #lovethesecolors #thankyoutomybestfriendsforgivingmetheseawesomestuff #pleaseshare #thanksforreading #pleasefollow

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