Pumpkin patch

A fun day today! My good friend set up for a bunch of us to go to the pumpkin patch! The kids had a blast they loved the animals and picking out pumpkins. We even did two corn mazes one was small the corn husks only came up to my hip that’s my kinda corn maze. The other corn maze was normal size corn husks. A few years ago I got lost in a corn maze for about two hours I had visions of my tombstone saying..if only she took that second left she would of made it out of the maze. My kids had made fun of me for getting lost … I had sworn that I wouldn’t ever go into another maze unless I had flares and spray paint! Today when my kids all wanted to go into the big maze my first thought was.. at least this time I have my best friends going in this maze with their families. Now we can all be lost together and maybe we can get a deal on tombstones! Ha ha.

Needless to say we all made it out and had fun … do I ever want to go back into a corn maze… well we will see how brave I am next Halloween!

#cornmazescanbescary #cornmazewasntthedeathofme #hobby #backyarding #pumpkins #halloween #pleaseshare #pleasefollow #thankyouforreading #donttrustthecornmaze #thankgodnoonejumpedoutatmeimightofpunchedthem #gladwegotoutbeforeitgotdark #itwasgoodtohangoutwitheveryone #kidshadfun

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