My second sons guinea pig passed away Thursday. He was over 3 years of age. Even though he was the worst Guinea pig we ever had my son still loved him. As his siblings came around him to comfort him, I was yet happy and sad. Happy his siblings were there for him but sad I couldn’t take the sadness away from his heart. I do have to say that even though my son is sad about the loss of his pet I will not miss the little jerk .. he would bite me everytime I would clean out his cage or give him food/ water. He was a mean little guy! Even though he was a mean little a-hole I still hope he ended up in heavan and I hope that hes living it up because well if animals do go to hell .. I hope some kid is not biting his elbows like he did to mine! Rest in peace Lou the Guinea pig you will be missed by my son and only God knows why he loved you so much even though you were evil to him. #guineapigwassentfromevil #ifeelformyson #hopeyouhadagoodthreeyearswithusyoulittlebitter

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