Time goes by

Today was a long day. I hurt my back that has made getting things done a lot harder, also yesterday was my daughter’s birthday! I can’t believe she is eight years old. To see the passing of time in a child’s age makes you cherish the good & bad moments. Okay maybe not all the bad moments like the time she took my nail polish and wrote the number four all over my walls ( I do have to say that her “fours” looked really good).. or the time she threw away my forks but with every bad thing every eye roll they have done there are double of the good moments like when she finally was able to write her name or when she took her first steps! Happy birthday my number three! #birthday #eightalreadyintensyearshewillbeonherown #tenmoreyearsofeyerolls #hobby #backyarding #lovemybigfamily #gottomakethecakeonsaturday #themeistigers

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