Egg envy

Got some beautiful photos of my eggs last night. I have to admit I love taking photos of my eggs. It’s a fun to combine hobbies. I love taking photos and I love the eggs I get from the girls ( chickens) and the quail. There are lots of people who take photos of their eggs.. its egg envy. You see those great colors of those eggs. Then you find yourself looking up the breed of chicken that lays that egg color. Next thing know…you find yourself thinking.. well now I need that breed. 😂😂 You will also find yourself trying to out do your last egg photo. #eggenvy

These are my #extraeggs. #hobby #backyarding #mygirls #pleaseshare #thanksforreading #chickens #chook #food #eggs #extraeggs #quail #cuteandsmall #coturnix #celadongene

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