Waste not

I give my quails and girls (chickens) oysters shells, they need calcium for the shells of the eggs. For the longest time I toyed around with the idea of giving them back the shells of their eggs. My first thought when this idea was introduced to me was … I don’t want to make an ” egg eater” that’s when the chickens egg their eggs sometimes they do this because they are missing something from their diet (some also think making an “egg eater is a myth) other times they might just be a dork. Doing more research on this I found that if you wash the egg shells first, letting the egg shells dry out, the breaking them up on to a baking sheet and baking for 10 mins at 250 degrees makes them easier to crush up into small bits. Some might tell you that they do this to kill bacteria and they might even bake them for longer time than what I do. I’m not worried about bacteria.

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10 thoughts on “Waste not”

  1. I do this to and then mix it in with their feed along with crushed oyster shell. They don’t know what it is. I think they like it because of the crunch and because they know whatever it is, it contains calcium just like the oyster shell. (My girls have never tried to eat their own eggs.)

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