This weekend the kids and I have had the flu. When you have kids and they have the flu it’s a lot like a frat party. No one wants to do anything and everyone is puking. When you become a mom you have an idea about how you want to do things there is an image of what you think it will be like. No one ever thinks about their kid puking on their taco that they are having for lunch or getting woken up in the middle of the night and having their kid puke in their face. One day you and children’s child will all be sitting around a table and all the sleepless night, all fits, all the toys that get left out, and all the puking will be worth it when you are sitting around that table telling your grandchildren about the time their dad threw up in a taco. #flu #momlife #dadlife #parentslife #hobby #backyarding #pukeinataco #taco #largefamily #children #kids #lotsofcleaning # fratpartys #sickkids

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