Coming to an end

We are on our last week of school for us. As I can’t wait for summer vacation I do get a little teary-eyed. Packing up their books to be sent back realizing that when we start up again in August four out of the five kids will be in school. My oldest will be going into 11th grade 😱😱 and number 4 will be starting kindergarten. While this year is coming to an end ( and I cry over my babies growing up ) and my children embark on a new journey for their new grades they will be entering I know that they will do their best because that’s all I ever ask for. #hobby #backyarding #kids #kidsgrowingup #4outof5inschool #pleaseshare #pleasefollow #thankyou #school #summer #summervacation #goingbacktoschoolinaugsummerneedstobelonger #largefamily #giveityourbest.

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