Pros and cons

I was thinking about the pros and cons of raising coturnix quail here are some. Con – shouldn’t live with chickens ( chickens can carry disease that can kill the quail), they do not free range ( if they get out they might stick around for a couple of days but most likely they will run off or become prey) they need game bird feed 30% ( in some states this can be a different cost or hard to find), they will lay their eggs everywhere ( it’s an eggs hunt everyday if you have a ground pen for them) lifespan 2 – 3 years, aggressive (with both roosters and hens but mainly with the roosters), needing the right ratio (its one rooster to 5 hens), eggs are small, they are messy/dusty, do not do the deep litter method, they can be loud ( but not chicken loud), they will try to fly out every chance they get, they are cannibals, they will do eye pecking, scalping, feather plucking (can try to fix this by removing the aggressive quail but doesn’t always work probably have to cull also remember that the rooster will pull the hens festhers out when mounting her to fix this just remove the rooster for a while and let your hens have a rest), they don’t eat leftovers. Pros – low maintenance, quick to hatch( 15 to 18 days but some can go as long as 22 ), better for city limits, they grow faster (they reach full maturity between 6 -8 weeks of age), good for meat (lots of recipes out there), roosters do crow (but not chicken rooster loud), can have more of them, start laying between 6 -8 weeks of age (but sometimes they can go up to 12 weeks before they start), they require less space (4 square feet per bird), lots of eggs (it generally takes 4 quail eggs to equal one chicken egg unless you have jumbos), if you like hunting for things then you’ll love hunting for eggs every day if you have a ground pen. These are just a few of the pros and cons for myself personally I love raising quail they will sometimes lay an egg here and there but most of the time they will all lay in a clutches. They can be tamed it just takes a lot of work. #hobby #backyarding #quail #cuteandsmall #coturnix #celadongene #pleaseshare #pleasefollow #thankyou #prosandcons #justafew #birds #tinybirds #tinyeggs #quaileggsaregrestforsnacks #dusty #messylittlebirds #therearemanydifferentbreedsoutthere

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