Pumpkin that appeared

This year I decided not to plant pumpkins. The garden area has been taken down in size for the time being. I wanted to focus mainly on strawberries, peas, and tomatoes. Over in the flower bed we noticed a plant starting. Now In this flower area there is lot of room but we never have used it for growing our food. Well pumpkins have taken over my flower bed. 😂😂 I am still not sure how they got over there this flower bed is not anywhere near my garden area.

It is doing really well. I’m thinking that maybe one of the girls ( chickens) left a pumpkin seed ?? 🤔🤔

I do have a few critters eating away at my leaves but other than that it’s doing nicely.

so I guess the kids and the girls will have some pumpkins to choose from 🤣🤣🤣. #backyarding #hobby #pleaseshare #followme #thankyou #pumpkins #halloween #ididntplantthese #looknice #gardening #whoelseisgrowingpumpkins https://www.facebook.com/MJkidsandchickensblog/ I want you to follow my page on MeWe

Mjbackyardingwithkids ( Delicious Cluckers Farm)


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