Little faces

When you can’t sleep what do you do? For me I think of everything I didn’t get done but as I walk my house going over my “to do” list I look at my sleeping children and I realize that the times I didn’t get something done isn’t true I was getting something done I was making memories with my family. So if your feeling stressed because the laundry is piling up or the dishes aren’t done. Take a look at those little faces who are tugging on your leg saying mommy mommy/daddy daddy over and over again and just remind yourself that to them they just want to do something with you. Maybe make a game with them to see who can clean up the fastest or fold the clothes the fastest or enjoy a snack together. They will remember and look back on those moments. #hobby #backyarding #family #nosleepforme #sleeping #kids #momlife #laundry #games #snack #large #largefamily #reno #cleaning #projects #whydomykidsthrowofftheirblankets #goodnight #nosleepforthewicked #night #pleaseshare #pleasefollow #thankyou I want you to follow my page on MeWe

Mjbackyardingwithkids ( Delicious Cluckers Farm)

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