First week done!

Our first week of school is done! There were a few hiccups but we are getting back into the routine! My oldest is liking most of his classes, my second oldest is getting the hang of middle school, and my third and fourth are getting the hang of their new school. Today number 3 got an 80% on her science she had no help. She was very proud of herself as am I. Along with getting school done I also got 12 dz eggs from the quail. I finally get to use my new eggs cartons!

I like these cardboard ones much better than the plastic ones. #hobby #backyarding #quail #cuteandsmall #eggs #coturnix #pleaseshare #pleasefollow #thankyouforreading #chickens #celadongene #new #school only 175 more days of schoolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #cantwaitforvacation #largefamily

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