Last one

When your kid is moving on to a new stage and you feel happiness but a little sadness…. I want to try to potty train number five soon. Honestly I was very excited about this. The thought of no more diapers made me want to do a happy dance, and if you know me, you know I don’t dance. That’s not something anyone wants to see😂😂. This past week, while the older siblings and I were once again looking for sippy cup, I thought maybe it’s time to just have him use a big boy cup all the time (he uses a normal cup with meals). The thought of no more diapers, and no more sippy cup made me realize that these are the last two baby items. That’s when the sadness comes. My last baby is growing up. As with my other four children, I will be there watching their new adventures, but remembering his old adventures, and sharing with him as he grows up all the crazy things he did as a toddler (I’m very sure his older siblings will be in on this also). Like today at the store, how he was mad that the Santa decoration wouldn’t talk to him, so he yelled that’s okay Santa I still love you 😂😂 which made everyone in line turn to look at us. 😂😂 Or the time the he took tooth paste, and rubbed it on the wall, and told me the wall was dirty and he was trying to clean it ( well yeah.. it is dirty now dude 😂😂 time to help mom clean the wall) #hobby #backyarding #child #growing #change #watchingthemgrow #mjbackyardingwithkids #watchingthemgrowintosomethingwonderful #pottytraining #fingerscrossed #pleaseshare #pleasefollow #thankyou you can also follow me on facebook

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