Starting on the garden

I started some seeds today. I like to save the single serving containers for mac n cheese.  They  work great for holding paint for when the little ones are doing art but today I’m going to use them for planting seeds.

I used my dremel tool to put small holes in the bottom but a knife would work as well. I also like to use these because they have the water fill line which is perfect for teaching little ones the half way mark for the dirt.I planting some habanero seeds.  They will be great for jam and pickled eggs!  Later on in the week I’ll start some other seeds maybe some bell peppers or some beans. If you have started your garden leave a comment about what you are growing. #hobby #garden #backyarding #seeds #jam #pickledeggs #dirt #funforkids #greatholders #pleaseshare #pleasefollow #thankyou.

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