Sleeping in their own bed

All five kids have co -slept with me. Now I’m working with number five to sleep in his own bed. On one hand  I’m excited to have my bed back but on the other hand I will miss the co sleeping/cuddles.  I know what your thinking how could you miss that.. and your right I won’t miss waking up because a little foot has kicked me in the stomach, being smacked in the face by a little hand, or my blankets being kicked off but I will miss the cuddles and I know that he will still want to cuddle here and there but it’s the start of him getting older to were soon he won’t need me to smash myself next to him in that little toddler bed.

Which by the way I would have to say if you are ever unsure how small you can make yourself then just try to fit yourself into a toddler bed. 😂😂 For me getting in isn’t the trouble its getting out. Now I remember why we just got the other kids twin beds.  #hobby #backyarding #kids #growing #toddlerbedsarenotfortheweak #toddlers #nomorebeingkickedinthestomach  #whydotoddlerbedsmakesomuchnosiewhenyoumoveonthemitsliketheyaretryingtomakeitsothekidwakesup  #lastbaby #largefamily #pleaseshare #pleasefollow #thankyou  #mjbackyardingwithkids   #sleep 
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