Using our eggs

As I lay here once again in this small toddler bed I cant help but think of what I need to do for the week. Just like everyone else I’m trying to get through these rough times. A part of me is wishing a had a stock of toilet paper and the other part me is thinking about the chores that still need to be done. On a happier note my quail chicks are doing amazing. I normally grind their feed up so there is less waste. I don’t like to waste items or things when I know it can be avoided. I also this past weekend got to go painting with one of my good friends miriyacrochet. I’m not sure if she posted her amazing painting she did but go check out her page and see all her other other amazing items. As for me my items for sale will be put on hold. We will need our eggs for Easter! My kids cant wait to color some eggs! #hobby #backyarding #quail #cuteandsmall #coturnix #celadongene #pleaseshare #pleasefollow #thankyou #chickens #chook #fluffybutts #chickensarefun #ayamcemani #darkside #mjbackyardingwithkids #staysafe #whoknowswheretoiletpaperis #Easteriscoming #hopingcleaningsupplieswillbeinstocksoIcanfillmyolderkidsEasterbasket #candyimcomingforyou. You can also follow me on Facebook

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