The time has come

The time has come once again to potty train!! If you been following for a while then you know from when I potty trained #4 that I don’t like potty training. I’m thankful that #5 is my last one that I have to this with. My older kids were on spring break for this last week. I thought let’s start trying to teach him then. Hes the last one hopefully this will go smoothly…šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ nope. Even though he wants to be changed when he goes he didn’t want anything to do with any kinda toilets. Just like with all the other kids I get it … stepping behind the couch like an animal to do business and then jumping up yelling…. I peed! Is pretty cool… right? That moment of when everyone looks at you makes you feel special šŸ˜‚. So we decided this time to go cold Turkey and straight into real underwear. Am I crazy to potty train when toilet paper is so hard to find? .. the answer is yes!!! I love my large family but I’m excited to not have to change diapers any more. So fast forward here we are at the end of our spring break and finally on our last day of break we are making some progress with sitting and going on the potty. I know that we still have some time to go before he fully gets it but I’m excited to not have to look over and see him stepping a side to the corner of the room like one of the ferrets to do his business.

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