School is starting

We start school in two weeks. I’ve been working non stop on getting things ready. My lesson planning is almost done

I have the kids color coded but #1 and #2 are not in this planner. I feel they are old enough to keep track of their own schedules. The desks and books are set. Everyone’s books but #5 is on their desk or in the cubbies. #5 will be starting out for school schedule this year just like the older kids. He will get up when they do unlike last year where he got to sleep in and then did his school work. This year I have a senior, 7th grader, 4th grader, 1st grader, and kindergarten

Please forgive my half painted room. I’m still working on getting this room painted back to white. I was hoping to have this room done before we started school lol but other things needed to get done first! Yesterday I got 23 jars of pickles made ( dill and bread & butter) I also got six pepperoni sticks sliced up. I love to use the pepperoni to go with snacks.

After everything was done I got nine bags.

If you are homeschooling, doing online schooling, or distance learning show me what your schooling area looks like! #pleasefollow #pleaseshare #thankyou #hobby #backyarding #mjbackyardingwithkids #homeschooling #largefamily #homesteading

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