This year we decided to start saving our seeds from what we harvest. Normally every year I would just go buy new seeds. I’m enjoying saving our seeds but its also taken some research! I’ve been growing a lot of different varieties of tomatoes this year. It has been fun seeing all the different kinds growing. I’ve never really saved the seeds from the fruit. I’ve saved seeds from other things and thats pretty straight forward but the tomato seeds are in the gel and you can plant them straight from the fruit but what do you do if you want to save your seeds!? Fermentation! You will need a small spoon, a Mason jar with a lid, knife, water, wax paper, and a fine mesh strainer. Cut your tomato. Take your spoon and scoop out the gel and the seeds place them in the jar ( if you put water in your jar half way you can dip your spoon in the water, to clean it off before you do the next scoop) continue scooping out all the seeds. When you’re done, put your lid on. You will shake the jar 2 or 3 times a day for the next 5 to 7 days. After the allotted time, open the jar ( its gonna smell 🤢🤢) put the seeds over the strainer and rise under the water to make sure all the gel is off. The dump them on your wax paper. Some people say you can use a paper plate but the seeds can get stuck to the paper. After your seeds are dry, place in your container for when you’re ready to plant again. #pleasefollow #pleaseshare #thankyou #hobby #backyarding #mjbackyardingwithkids #homesteading #gardening #tomatoes #seeds #itsgonnasmell you can also follow me on Parler app. @mjbackyardingwithkids

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