Happy new year

This year has been an interesting one for many. For us I worked mostly on the house. I’m almost done with getting the whole house painted back to white. The colors I have are not neutral for selling. My husband and I decided that I would be best to give the next owner a blank canvas to work with. I did get some of my paintings done while the kids were on winter break.

I also made a lot of fudge the last few weeks. I still have 6 more batches to make. This was my newest flavor added to the list of ones I make. Rocky road!

Happy new year! Hope this year brings more happiness than sadness! I would also like to say thank you for following and sending me emails thanking me for writing my blog. I really appreciate it! #mjbackyardingwithkids #homesteading #gardening #hobby #backyarding #largefamily #food #eggs #movingsoon #thankyou #pleasefollow #pleaseshare

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