Almost time for school

It’s almost time for us to start school! This will be our 9th year doing school at home. I decided to change curriculums, I think masterbooks will be a good fit for us. No computer needed! Which is perfect for homesteading life. With these books it’s reading a page then a work sheet/ assignment to do. I have also added for them to learn the anatomy of animals. This evening I spent writing out #4 and #5 sight word cards

I have almost everything, just need some note books and some more index cards and we will be ready! I’m having #4 and #5 start that last week of July. The older kids will start the second week of August. #5 is excited to start school, he ran in this morning asking if today was the first day of school. 🤣. #school #mjbackyardingwithkids #homesteading #homeschooling #largefamily #20212022schoolyear

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