Mom’s escape

Today I went painting with one of my good friends.

The canvas we were using was not made for short people! šŸ¤£

We got the background done. I didn’t get the swirls in mine but I still like how it turned out.

Doing the stems, leaves, and paint splattering! My stems look like thick straws you know the kind you get with Slurpees! At the end I added more color to my leaves. You will see that in the final photo.

Next adding the flowers.. well that’s the nice thing about art there really isn’t a wrong way. So it’s okay that my flowers look like smashed tomatoes šŸ¤£šŸ¤£.

Finally I’m done! I added some dark red on top of the bright red. White dots in the middle and voila I’m done.. I like what I have here wish I had more paint splattering on it. Other than that I’m happy with it! #lovepainting #art #whocareswhatanyoneelsethinksaslongasyoulikeit #funwithfriends

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