Picky kids

If you’re lucky you won’t have a picky eater. I however I have two that are. My 15 year old is picky on how it looks and smells. He has gotten better with age. Now he will at least try it, my daughter though is picky in a different way. If it doesn’t look how she thinks it should she doesn’t want to eat it. Example… we had hash browns at a restaurant the other day. They had the hash browns in this cute little square shape. So for dinner to night I made hash brown, eggs, and waffles ( we like to do breakfast for dinner sometimes) my daughter got upset and didn’t want to eat her hash browns.. can you guess why? Because they weren’t in a square shape! So being the good mom I am .. I said okay I took her fork cut it into a square and then told she still had to eat the parts that I cut off too. Not wasting food due to square non sense. #pickyeater #sillychildren #momlife #squaresarethenewcoolforthisweek

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