Mother nature

The start of my carrots is doing very well. I do need to thin them out still. where I live Mother nature has been going through menopause … she has been having hot flashes and then her cold snaps are her yelling. I would like to get my first set of my carrots and the rest of my garden outside so Mother nature if you could just stick with the hot flashes that would be great.

#mothernaturegetwithitplease #hotflashesareneeded #carrots #momslife #gardendoingwellneedstogooutside #pleasesharemyblog

2 thoughts on “Mother nature”

  1. lol mother nature menopause. well same situation here! when my sprouts get too big for seed starter pods but weather is not permitting planting outside, I plant them in empty food containers such as tubs from yoghurt or sour cream – I just rinse ’em out and punch a couple holes in the bottom for drainage and, presto cheapo, you got a little pot from which the plants will easily pop out of for transplanting. I use the container’s lid as a dish to set the pot on for catching water.

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