A year ago

It was a year ago that I got one of my favorite girl (chicken). I had ordered her from a breeder. I knew as soon as the breeder had sent me the photo of her that she was the perfect one for me.😍 she was being shipped over night, I was so excited I didn’t really sleep much that night, I was like a kid on Christmas eve. Time seemed to go so slowly. I waited the whole day next constantly looking at my phone… just like the old days when you pick it up to make sure there was a dial tone 🀣🀣🀣. I knew she had been shipped because the breeder had sent me the info now being at the end of the day I called the post office and…they told me they had no clue where my girl was!😒 I couldn’t believe they had lost a live animal! The next day I went down in the morning I wasn’t happy that my girl was lost. They had said her package last scan was when she left the post office but hasn’t been checked in at any of the stops. Well let’s just say when you start yelling in a post office about how they better find your chicken you get some pretty odd looks🀣😒. Two more days went by.. I was starting to think she was dead. Just as I was getting dinner set on the table for my family my phone rang.. it was the post office! They had my girl and they weren’t sure if she was alive. I went as fast as I could to the post office(across town😲) got my girl.. opened the box.. there she was breathing but not happy! Got my girl back home to get her the things she needed to help her and here we are a year later ….(top photo is a year ago bottom photo a few weeks ago)

Wakita is doing wonderful! I Love my ayam cemani πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€. #ayamcemani #chickens #backyard #hobby #darkside #gothchicken #lovemygirls #youmightthinkimcrazyandthatsalright #blastfromthepast

2 thoughts on “A year ago”

  1. Oh my heavens! That poor hen is so lucky to be alive. It amazes me how the postal service can lose things, let alone live animals! I am glad she survived and has a wonderful home with you.

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