Egg apron

Last night I went out with my good friends and one of them made me an egg apron! She did an amazing job and I love it! I used my apron this morning and it works so well. It keeps my hands free to check on and play with the girls (chickens). My friend is so talented with the things she makes.

I also love the way the colors go together on this apron. A while back ago I was talking about how a Neapolitan apron would be cool but instead of making the one area chocolate color doing grey because grey is my favorite color! Here is her link if you would like to check out her other items she makes so many things from egg aprons to amazing pokemon hats! #eggapron #thankyousomuch #loveit #colorsarewonderful #myfriend #pokemon #hats #chickens #backyard #backyarding #hobby #pleasesharemyblog

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