sun flower

My wonderful sun flowers have started to bloom!     My daughter has been impatiently waiting for these flowers to bloom.  That is something my daughter needs to learn … Patience!!!  I told her now all the hard work of watering it, making sure the bugs stay away / also her little brothers, and making sure it gets the right amount of sun light has finally paid off!  sun flower.jpg#sunflower #patience #yellow #mydaughterneedstolearnsomepatience #gardening  #thanksforreading #pleasesharemyblog #pleasefollowmycrazylife #life #morephotosonistagram  @mjbackyardingwithkids


2 thoughts on “sun flower”

  1. my kids like growing flowers too 🙂 last year we made a sunflower house, we planted the seeds in a circle and when the flowers got tall they had a neat spot to play


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