I’m not the best at those 3d puzzles…. like algebra I just can’t rap my brain around how to do that either ha ha!   However my husband is very good at doing the 3d puzzles. He has put together quite a few for me but this one he did for our four year old who is very much in love with dinosaurs! Our four year old loves them so much he even brushes his toy dinosaurs teeth!  dino.jpgMy four year old wanted to start playing with this as soon as dad was done building it.  I told him it had to stay up that it was just to look at.   Of course like all kids he looked at me like I was insane .. so big brother came up with the idea that dinosaur would stay in the hall way watching over him in the night. Now every night he likes us to tell the dinosaur good night!  #3dpuzzlesarecoolbuticantdothem #fouryearolds #momlife #donttouchthatyouwillbreakit #sorryitsnotatoy #somethingcooltolookat #largefamily #goodthinkingbigbro #thanksforreading #pleaseshare #algebraishardgladmyoldestcandoit #hobby #jurassicworld #anythingtodowithdinosaurs #hadtotellhimtostopbrushinghisdinosaursteeth #thedinosaurhasthecleanestteethintheworld


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