Gross & cool

If you have a problem with ear wigs eating your plants you are not alone! I’ve tired a few things over the past few years to get rid of them some things worked … like the tune fish \cat food can ideas.. but this time I found a new idea and the best part was I already had everything!

All you need is a pint & half mason jar, vegetable oil, and soy sauce.

Fill the mason jar almost to the half way point with your vegetable oil.

Next add your soy sauce I added about 7 to 10 drops.

Then plant level with the ground.. and then you have to wait… sadly this is not something that is going to work over night! It does work though!

Cool & gross, this is about a week later! Warning it gonna smell! So breath through your mouth!! I honestly didn’t think it was going to smell so bad.. and I’ve changed some pretty rank diapers in my day but this made me gag a little. Next dump out (I rise out the jar )and then refill it put the jar back and catch more. I really wish I could remember where I saw this at so I could give credit where credit is due! #smellsobad #bugs #iwishicouldrememberwhereisawthisat #itdoesworkjusttaketime #someofmykidsthinkitscool #pleasefollow #thanksforreading

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