Birds & toddlers

Are birds and toddlers alike? In a way they are. Birds run around sometimes making you wonder if they are smart or not. Toddlers run around also making you question their smarts. Both can be picky.. I know my girls (chickens) don’t care for carrots.. I give it to them and they look at me as if I’m the one who has lost my mind. Toddlers ( or any age of child ) do the same thing. Just like birds my toddler likes to hide things. . Everyday is hide and seek for something. With my quail it’s hide and seek for the eggs.

Today they decided to lay their eggs in a pile so not much hunting going on. The kids think it’s funny! However they do not think it’s funny when I ask them help me find the sippy cup! #quails #chickens #pleasefollow #toddlersandbirdsaresomwtimesalike #howmanymorewayscanwefindthatareslimer #hideandseek #pleaseshare #thanksforreading

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