There are lots of hard things in life. The ones that are out of my control hit me hard but the ones I could have controlled hit me the hardest. Over the weekend a few of my quail got out (my latch came undone somehow). My oldest son and husband came out to help get them back in. Walking around the yard I noticed a lot of feathers and blood where the dog area is. It hit me one of my quail went into the dog area and the dogs got a hold of it. I felt horrible if I only checked my doors. Now the door latches will be checked everyday instead of every other week. #hobby #backyarding #quail #death #learning #checkedeverydaynow #lessonsonlifeanddeathfortheyoungerkids #sometimesyoucantfixeverything #sad #willbeputtingmorequaileggsinthebatorsoonsostaytuned

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