Making jerky

Today for one of my projects I’m making beef jerky! This goes by fast in our house. With summer coming I will be making it more as it’s a great snack for the kids. This time I’m using beef loin tri tip roast.

I use a meat slicer for my larger cuts of meat then I cut them smaller by hand.

This first bowl of meat will be marinating over night in Hawaiian style marinade.

The second bowl will marinade over night in Teriyaki. Then both bowls will go into the food dehydrator for 10 hours. I do over night, it’s great to wake up to the smell of beef jerky!! #hobby #backyarding #projects #food #beefjerky #marinade #tritip #overnight #thiswillbegoneinthreedays #pleaseshare #pleasefollow #thankyouforreading * you can also follow me on Facebook

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