New pads

I’ve been wanting to try these new nesting box pads for the girls ( chickens).

They are made out of plastic. It’s very stiff! They are washable they do take a while to dry I would suggest ordering extras so switch out with while ones are drying. They are a little hard to trim make sure you have good sharp scissors.

So far I like them, My girls like them as well. I was worried they wouldn’t like them due to how stiff they are but so far no issues it does say that if your poultryis not liking them to try putting some bedding on them to help them get use to them. For me I didn’t do that I wanted to see how the girls would take to it. The ducks however do not like them. My ducks kicked them out of their nesting areas and kicked them off the top of their roof they they to roost on. Which is fine I mostly wanted them for the girls nesting boxes. #nestingbox #newpads #mjbackyardingwithkids #sofarworking #washable #pleasefollow #pleaseshare #thankyou

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