Fall for fall

Wow can you believe it’s September? Last month was a busy for myself and my family, Didn’t get any house projects done but did get to do some vendor events. I enjoy doing the events it’s fun to get to see what others have made and get to meet new people. Also in August I took a tumble down the stairs. Giving myself a hematoma in my arm and some colorful bruises.

One of my girls ( chickens ) has gone broody. She is a blcm ( blue copper mearan)

She is also taking the other girls eggs and the fake eggs I have in there as well. At lest she is liking the new nesting mats I’m using 🤣. I might have to break her if she doesn’t snap out of being broody. ( yes the eggs are taken from her ) #pleasefollow #pleaseshare #thankyou #mjbackyardingwithkids #homesteading #gardening #chickens #eggs #broody #fallingforfall #fall

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