Back to school

For many of us, we have been on winter break from school. It’s a nice two weeks that just like any other vacation goes by way to fast! With that being said I really don’t want to go back to school!!! I enjoyed the mornings with no alarm clock going off. Well the baby is kinda like alarm clock, but at least he’s a cute one, not having to rush to get breakfast done. My older kids are not morning people, so trying to have them pick between cheerios or captain crunch is like being on a game show, and you’re not sure you should pick door number two or three, or having to start school at eight am and spend my days doing school and then everything that comes in the day. Now back onto a schedule again counting down the days until spring break!! #busylifehappylife #school #likesvacationbetter

2 thoughts on “Back to school”

  1. It was like pulling teeth getting the oldest back into the school routine this last week. The youngest has one more week of freedom, and then he is back in school as well. I loved those morning where the only alarm was to get the husband off to work and I could catch some quiet time for myself before the two kids were up. Come on spring break!

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